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        High power laser machine frame filter SQ-2450


        It apply to cloth embroidery, Long and short plush fabric, fur, label, trademark cutting, Industrial filter cloth, cloth accessories cut, punching, cutting edge; Leather punching, lofting and cutting; Organic glass, PVC, paper, wood and bamboo cutting & engraving.



        1. Adopt to chinese and foreign cooperation in the development of high-frequency uniform power CO2 laser tube, the full power of the laser can be uniform output for 24 hours in the use of the process, so that the processing effect of each item is consistent.

        2. Mechanical system adopts the integration of human engineering design, easy to operate, comfortable; Motion system adopts the South Korean import linear guide rail; Motion track is smooth and delicate, and the precision of speed is greatly improved.

        3. Equipped with temperature cooling system which can ensure the equipment work continuously for 24 hours in the high temperature season.

        4. Optical system adopts the Singapore high reflection and the high penetration rate lens, the quality of light beam is constant and careful.

        5. Powerful software editing function, simple interface operation; Manual / automatic integrated operation design for different processing needs; To provide convenient and fast operation mode: plus deceleration / uniform exchange design, suitable for the cutting of different materials; The number of processing preset and statistical functions, to facilitate the user workload arrangements.

        6. Compatible with CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other software.

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